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Jill Hockett

Original Paintings by Artist, Jill Hockett
Welcome to this online Gallery
The browsable galleries contain just a few of the vast number 
of piecescreated during the last forty years. You will encounter
mainly oil and some watercolour paintings, studies and 
drawings by a respected British artist.
Jill says that choosing paintings for this site was not an easy task!
Trying to select just a few from the hundreds of pieces for 
inclusion, proved to be an interesting problem. In fact, in doing 
so she has stumbled upon many, many works that have been in 
total hibernation for up to forty years, or so. She has been 
extremely prolific for most of these years. Some earlier work has 
been included, as have lots of the latest oils (and many in  
between). Jill never considers a work to be finished, until it 
leaves the studio, so occasionally, there may be a slight 
difference in a piece to how it is shown on here.
She was fortunate enough to have travelled quite extensively 
during her life as a painter, usually as a lone traveller, which 
suited the fact that she often had a quite punishing routine. 
Rising early in order to work before curious tourists made it 
difficult to find a quiet spot! Setting up her easel in the centre
of St Mark’s Square at sunrise was such a time, in the company 
of just street cleaners and a handful of hungry pigeons! 
Amongst her destinations have been, South America, India, 
Egypt and many European countries. Her studio still contains a 
great wealth of source material for future work and she still likes 
to undertake the occasional commission. Her hope is to 
continue travelling and working diligently. Her career has also 
included many years of teaching both privately and also for 
West Sussex County Council where she taught in Adult and 
Further Education. Boundstone School Lancing was the main 
venue. In addition, for many years Jill was employed to 
demonstrate painting, lecture and give critiques to most of the 
many art societies and groups, in and beyond Sussex.
Jill finds almost all subject matter to be exhilarating and 
irresistible, be it architecture, land or townscape, portrait and 
figure, interior, still life ... basically anything can instigate a 
desire in her to observe and become involved and challenged 
by the juxtapositions of colour, shape, tone and texture.
She hopes that in viewing her work, you may feel her ‘love of 
painting’. You may also identify passages of strife and struggle
or bravado and exuberance and hopefully, you’ll spot the 
sincerity that goes into it. Whatever you find, she hopes you 
will enjoy the journey.
Thanks for looking.
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